Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winston Churchill & Adolf Hitler: Similarities in their speech.

Winston Churchill is well-known in British region while Adolf Hitler is well-known in Germany. Both have different background but when looking at their respected speech, we can see similarities.
             First and foremost, both Churchill and Hitler are very persuasive and confident. Early in their speech, both of them used pronoun ‘I’ to show superiority. We can clearly see that both of them try to get control of the power so that their speech would be effective. Later in the speech, they used the pronoun ‘we’ as to persuade the people to unity. For example, in Hitler’s speech,” we are now standing on this continent and from where we stand nobody will be able to remove us again.” When they talk about ‘we’, it shows that they care for the people despite their dictatorship. Confident in the sense of they do not have any fillers in the speech. If they used ‘umm’ or ‘ahh’, their speech will be condemned by the people as it show no confidence.
Besides that, both leaders speech condemned their enemies in order to show power and superiority. Churchill in his speech condemns Belgium and France army for not having the proper strength like his soldiers. While Hitler condemns England saying that residents of England are nothing despite the fact that England is a big country. Condemning others can motivate the spirits of people who are listening. When hearing about other weaknesses, people will feel superior and powerful. Not only that, both Churchill and Hitler will have the people’s trust and support which are very important in a war campaign.
In the nutshell, both leaders are expert in their own speech. They make use the element of persuasive in order to gain people’s trust and support. As a teacher-to-be, being persuasive is important so that students are eager to learn. If a teacher is not able to show confidence and power, he or she can never control the class and this can be disastrous. Students will look down on the teacher and neglected the importance of education. Thus, the traits showed by Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler should be a good example for teachers. 

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