Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Animal Farm The Animated: It is all about PIGS!

This animation is based on the story “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. It is about animals that overthrown human in a farm named Manor Farm.
The story starts with Old Major giving a speech about upcoming rebellion and how animals will unite and rule the world. Here, we can see that Old Major acts as a revolutionist. His speeches that touch on animal equality motivate other animals in the farm. Old Major’s legacy is continued by Snowball and Napoleon. When Mr. Jones ill-treated the animal, Snowball leads a rebellion and throws Mr. Jones out of the farm. After that, the reign of animals begins and seven commandments of Animal Farm are created. However, the lust for power of Napoleon brings bad things to the farm. He overthrown Snowball and started a reign of iron claw. He violated all the commandments so that he has the ultimate reign over the animals. After a certain period, all the animals think that Napoleon has crosses the line of tyranny too far and decided to overthrown Napoleon
The main issue that I want to discuss is that the portrayal of human’s nature in the form of pigs. Firstly is Old Major, the revolutionist. In this world, there are many people who acts as revolutionist and initiate the changes of world order. Revolution brings evolution. Whether it is bad or good, it depends on us. Next character is Snowball. He can be considered a leader of democracy. He leads the rebellion and then unites the animals under the seven commandments. One of the commandments is “All animals are equal”. Here, we can clearly see that Snowball tries to unite the animal under the provision of democracy. Lastly is the portrayal of human’s ugly nature through Napoleon. Napoleon is what a human shouldn’t be. He is greed, selfish, full of lust for power and cruel. For him, all the animals should serve him. He rules with tyranny and cruelty.
    In conclusion, we have to act positive so that good will triumph over evil. We must not let greed and lust control us because it will bring many bad things. We don’t want to end up like Mr. Jones or Napoleon.  Human’s true nature is truly ugly but we have to live with it. How good or bad a person is depending on himself.


  1. When it comes to power and money, we sometimes tend to forget the values that have been thought to us. We have to be strong mentally to fight the idea of the misuse of power.

  2. 100% true Zahri and Shah... Uneducated people are far better than the educated ones because they don't know foul play. The one who is good at foul play always wins and what more to say if there are strong followers for foul players. Like the animals in the farm who support Napoleon for anything he does. We have to be rational and honest in achieving anything.