Monday, April 4, 2011

Mona Lisa Smile

This is the third movie about teacher prepared by our beloved Dr.Jaya. The movie is about a teacher named Katherine who teaches in an all-girl school. The school mission’s is to provide education for women and prepare them to be housewife. However, Katherine sees that women’s role is more than just being a housewife.
            Firstly, I want to look the movie as entertainment value. By casting well-known actresses like Julia Robert and Kirsten Dunst, this movie is likely to have a high value as entertainment. However, the movie is not as interesting as I expected. Throughout the movie, I can only see the sense of feminism and that is kind of boring. Talking about the movie’s strong point, I really salute the way Katherine is portrays as a masculine figure in defending the role of women.
            As a teacher-to-be, this movie really affects me in many ways. Firstly, teacher is a medium of changes. The way a teacher teaches and talk can somehow change the behavior of students. Just like in the movie, Katherine’s message in expanding the role of women in society has been implemented in her students’ heart. This is what I ought to be as a teacher in the future. I should mould my students so that they will be useful to the society and country.
            I could not connect the traits of Katherine to any teacher that had taught me. It is because, all of my teachers portray Katherine. All of them are great teachers which change my life to a better side. Because of them, I am here in UPM taking degree in TESL. I will continue their legacy in producing a promising future generations.
             One important lesson that I learn from this movie is that determination is a key to success. In the movie “Mona Lisa Smile”, Katherine is very determine in changing her students’ perception that a woman role is to be beside her husband only. This is what I want to have in myself as a great teacher; determination in teaching the future generation so that they will have a bright future.

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