Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial 1 : My favourite bedtime story is...

For this tutorial, our task is to come up with our favorite bedtime story and present it in front of the class.  So, I choose my most favorite story: The Little Red Riding Hood. It is a story about a naive little girl who wears red hood. One day, she wants to visit her grandmother. On her journey, she bumps into wolf and tells the wolf where her grandmother lives. Before she arrives, the wolf has eat the grandmother and wish to eat her also. Luckily, a woodchopper comes to chase the wolf away. Before the wolf goes to the forest, he vomits the grandmother. Thus, both Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother live happily.
When I was a child, I don’t have the luxury of my mother telling me English stories. Only stories like Pak Pandir and Mat Jenin. Thus, I choose story that captured my heart when I first come across with English stories for children. Not only that, I like this story because it has a happy ending; an ending that every human being in this world deserve to get.
One of the interesting elements in this story is the portrayal of the moral values. From this story, we can see that whenever we go, we must not talk to strangers. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood has spoken of going to her grandmother’s house and ended up nearly eaten by the wolf. Another moral value from my opinion is we must not let our child goes out alone. Nowadays, it is very dangerous if a child goes out alone as there are many kidnappers and rapers.
The protagonist of this story is Little Red Riding Hood. She is naïve as she told the wolf where she wants to go although her mom has told her not to talk to strangers. Her tendency to talk and trust anyone she sees nearly makes her a dinner for a wolf. The antagonist of this story is the wolf. As we can see, the wolf is very cunning as he plans to eat Little Red Riding Hood by disguise as the grandmother. The wolf is also portrayed as fierce as he has big teeth, big ears and big eyes.
For me, this story is suitable as children story. The elements of moral value and the portrayal of the characters can teach children. Thus, I really recommended this story as children story.

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