Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First and foremost, I present to you...

Edwina the emu
     As I grew up in rural area, didn’t know much about children stories. Only when I become teenager, I only knew common children stories such as The Rabbit and The Tortoise, Jack and the beanstalk and others. The first class with Dr. Jaya, he introduces an interesting story which is Edwina the Emu. This story tells us about a female emu named Edwina has just lays 10 eggs. As the male emu named Edward wants to stay and guard the eggs, Edwina goes to find various jobs ending with failure. In the end, Edwina realizes that the most important thing is to be by the side of her eggs. Thus, born 10 little emus.
     As the story goes, we can clearly see that the value that the author wants to emphasize is responsibility. Responsibility is portraying by Edwina as she goes out to find jobs to support her family. However, Dr. Jaya explains that this story has another meaning. If we look closely, the story teaches us about sex education in a positive way: how a male and female mingle in intimate relation and how babies are made. I totally agree with this as many parents would stun when their children ask where babies come from.
     For me, this story is suitable for children. There are many values that can be seen in the story. I recommended for parents to read Edwina the Emu to their children. It’s not just to teach them the value of responsibility but also the discreet meaning of how babies are born into this world. Furthermore, this story has a lot of colourful and interesting illustration that can catch children’s attention.

The Gruffalo
     This is the second story that Dr.Jaya reads to us. The title Gruffalo really makes me wander as there are no animals named Gruffalo. The only animal that close to the pronunciation of Gruffalo is buffalo which I assume is very different.
     This story starts when a mouse goes to the forest. On the journey to the forest, the mouse meets with fox, owl and snake which try to eat him. In order to save himself, the mouse creates a story of a monster called Gruffalo that loves to eat fox, owl and snake. When the mouse arrives at the forest, the real Gruffalo appears. Afraid that he will be the Gruffalo’s meal, he tells the Gruffalo that the entire animal in the forest afraid of him and the mouse proves it by taking the Gruffalo to see the fox, owl and snake. As the fox, owl and snake see the Gruffalo, they run away. The Gruffalo believes that the mouse is powerful and thus run away too. In the end, the mouse eats nuts happily.
     This story shows us that in order to get out from problems, we have to use our intelligence. The mouse shows that he is smart and cunning as he creates story about a Gruffalo. Although we can say that the mouse tells lie, it is more to teach children that using brain is important to solve problems.
     I recommended this story as it is very interesting a bedtime story. Although it tells about a monster called Gruffalo, it focuses more on the brilliant mouse. Children would be motivated to be the mouse: small but smart. Just like Edwina the Emu, The Gruffalo comes with colourful illustrations that can invoke children’s interest in reading.

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